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The Kindness of Strangers by Kate AdieBook Cover of The Kindness of Strangers by Kate Adie

Read by Tracy in 2002

Tracy recommends this as an inspiring read.

I remember watching Kate Adie reporting around the globe when I was growing up. For someone who hadn't travelled far and was living in Perth, her life looked amazing, always in the world's troublezones. Inspirational. This book takes you behind the scenes and before she was a household name for the BBC and how she managed to negotiate her way through that monoglithic corporation and was watched nightly during her dispatches on disasters and conflicts throughout the 1980s. Although more exciting for me was that she was a successful woman in her field but she came from the north of England, Sunderland to be exact, not far from where I was born and like my Dad she is a fan of Sunderland Football Club (there aren't many of them in existence, maybe they should be studied by Sir David Attenborough). So there is hope for us all. I was disappointed that there wasn't much in the book about Kate's private life, her family and how her relationships survived her travels to conflicts. I could see this being a great movie.

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