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The Greatest Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg PalastBook Cover of The Greatest Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast

Read by Natalie 2008

Natalie recommends this as an unbelievable look into corporate America

At the time of reading this I was living in America and experiencing the 2 year election campaign that was going to signal the end of George W. Bush's government. A friend recommended I read this book to get an insight into corporate America, including the role of lobbyists, the rise and fall of Enron, the government's role in hiding the financing of terrorist organisations and how elections are won and stolen. Palast is an investigative journalist and while a lot of his claims and statements seem almost unbelievable, he does site all his facts and sources. Reading it will leave your jaw hanging open, although it does require some insight into companies and operations within America. If only half of it is true, it's pretty amazing what some people can and did get away with.

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Third Term by Paul BegalaBook Cover of Third Term by Paul Begala

Read by Natalie 2008

Natalie recommends you have a knowledge of the 2008 US election campaign before reading this

Again, at the time of reading this, I was living in America through the 2008 US election campaign. This would be the end of George W. Bush's 8 years in office, and the start of the campaign of John McCain, the Republican Party's candidate to replace him. It tells of the rise of McCain and his political career, from a troubled time in the US Navy and trying to live up to his father and grandfather's impressive record (they are the first father-son team to hold the rank of Admiral), to his reformation as a Republican senator, big policy ideas and eventual morphing into Bush. Rumour has it, these two hate each other after Bush destroyed McCain and therefore his chance of running for president several years prior. But in this book, Begala tells how they both need each other and how they are in fact more alike than people think. It should be noted that the author is a former strategist for President Clinton (Democrat) and political analyst for CNN (left wing media outlet), so it is quite heavily slanted to the left. As someone who isn't a fan of either Bush or McCain, I found it an interesting read, although in a case of bad timing, by the time I finished it, Obama had won the election and a lot of what I was reading was no longer relevant. However, the fact that Obama had won was definitely a good thing!

Paul publishes comments and a blog under the The Huffington Post where you can also his full bio.

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