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Sensitive New Age Spy
D-E-D Dead!

Sensitive New Age Spy by Geoff McGeachinBook cover of Sensitive New Age Spy by Geoff McGeachin

Read by Natalie February 2011

Natalie recommends this as a hilarious follow up to D-E-D Dead (see review below).

This continues with the adventures of Alby Murdoch now acting head of DED (Dept of Extra-territorial Defence). This time his long weekend is ruined when a 2000 tonne gas tanker is mysteriously moored off an island in the middle of Sydney harbour. Looking like it is rigged to explode and no one sure if the tanks are really full of gas, the day goes from bad to worse when it is discovered to be a distraction. The real problem is the 2 “neither confirmed-nor denied” nuclear warheads that are being stolen from the visiting US Cruiser, stationed nearby at Garden Island Navy Base. As all hell breaks loose and every government department and then some gets involved, Alby suddenly starts receiving death threats (if a bomb under the front seat of his rental car counts) before being kicked off the case entirely. Never one to back down from a challenge, especially a naked US LEUT who shows up at his door one night, Alby continues to investigate the mystery using all his contacts – including his friend Goody, a 40 yr lesbian journalist, the 19 yr old Christian daughter of former criminal but now Reverend Pridle; his 80 yr old neighbour Mrs T and even the pizza delivery man. Eventually he finds himself locked in a cell at an old whaling station off the coast of Tasmania trying to stop a nuclear attack on Japan. Sound confusing? It’s not, but it is seriously funny. McGeachin’s observations of Australian cities and even Navy and Government departments is spot on and laugh out loud hilarious. The situations Alby finds himself in are equally entertaining, especially his assistant at DED, Jules (who secretly trains with the SAS) coming in to rescue him. His attempts to perform CPR – so funny! There is a third book in the series Dead and Kicking and while it helps to read them in order, they can also be read as stand alone stories. Either way, they are very very entertaining books!

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D-E-D Dead! by Geoff McGeachinBook Cover of D-E-D Dead! by Geoffrey McGeachin

Read by Natalie 2006

Natalie recommends this as entertaining and funny

Alby Murdoch is an international photographer and Australian special agent. Actually, while he is a very good photographer, National Geographic quality, his company is actually a front, a means to spy for the government. However, today, he is having one hell of a bad day. First up he drops his gun on a Melbourne tram, then his partner is gunned down in a coffee shop, then after the plane he was supposed to be on blows up when someone plants a bomb in his camera case, he starts to realise someone wants him dead, really dead. His investigations take him from Sydney to Bali and all the way to a top secret US military facility in the centre of Australia. Along the way he just keeps on running into the mysterious Grace who may actually be a CIA agent. He can't quite figure her out but would certainly like to get to know her better, even if she is more than capable of holding her own. This is a very funny book and all the more entertaining because it is set in Australia. It is a light easy read but definitely one to pick up.

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