The Fallen Angels Series by JR Ward Book Cover of Envy by JR WardBook Cover of Crave by JR Ward Book Cover of Covet by JR Ward

Read by Natalie 2009-2011

Natalie recommends this for those who like Fallen Angel porn and convoluted stories

An adult's only Fallen Angel series, the first book in the series is Covet, the story of Jim, a regular guy who just happens to die, meet a bunch of angels and is instructed to save 7 people before the evil demons do or else the world will end. His first soul is Vin, a man who is blinded by money and greed, but who is swayed by a desperate prostitute and her young son.The second book Crave, sees Jim on his next mission having succesfully saved his first soul and going 1-0 against the dark side. While he thinks he understands the rules of the game and even which soul he is supposed to save, things aren't always what they seem. Is it Isaac or Matthias or someone else entirely? The dark side, contested by Devina, the shape shifting Demon may just get the upper hand in this one, as she pulls a couple of tricks out and the soul to be saved turns out not to be the one Jim thought it was. Now 1-1 in the series, Envy takes us on to the third soul, Veck who we met at the end of the last Brotherhood novel. A volatile homicide detective, he is also the son of a serial killer. Having lived his life in his father's shadow particularly after he discovered his mother's body, he can feel the darkness growing inside him, even if he can't explain it. Sent to watch over him is Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly. Of course, not just interested in making sure Veck does his job by the book, Reilly is also pretty keen to get in his pants. Just as their relationship takes off, Veck becomes the main suspect in their murder investigation. Is he being framed or is he much more like his father than everyone thought? And of course, can Jim save this soul and take back the lead in the quest to save all of humanity?

The series is going to loosely follow the seven deadly sins and while plot doesn't really matter too much when you read these books, if you watch out, you might see some of her Brotherhood characters drop by as the timelines are basically in snyc. This series is also steamy like the Brotherhood books, but not quite as catchy. The first book did have a lot of ground work to lay though, and while the second book was better, it was still a little too convoluted. I actually thought the third book was a sure sign the series was going downhill. I don't know what it is; the pointless storylines in heaven featuring stupid 17th century English accents, the two side-kicks Eddie and Ad and their strange sex life, Jim's weird quest to save a soul he doesn't even know or the completely implausible nature of the human relationships that form the basis for the storyline - but something just doesn't work. The big thing the brotherhood books have going for them is the characters continue to show up in all of the books, currently 9 in total, which means there is a lot more development to both their personality and relationships. In the Fallen Angel series the only recurring characters are Jim and his heavenly helpers, so the main players need to quickly jump into bed, declare their love and become inseperable in the space of about 20 pages - it just doesn't work. Also, if you are a fan of her Brotherhood, you'll start to notice too many similarities in our tragic heros, from the way they walk, talk, dress and act. It all just starts to blur into one, and I for one, prefer the fangs any day! The 4th book, where it looks like Matthias will get another chance at redemption is out late 2012.

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