The Jaz Park Series by Jennifer Rardin

Read by Natalie 2010-2011

Natalie recommends this as not bad start to another Vampire series!

Once Bitten Twice ShyBook Cover of Once Bitten Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin

Once Bitten Twice Shy is the first book out of 8 in the Jaz Park series. Sadly the author has now passed away, although she did complete the series and the last book is due out in 2011. On reading the first book, my first thought is that itís not too bad. Jaz Parks is an assistant CIA assassin whose boss/partner just happens to be a centuries old vampire, Vayl. Together they go undercover hunting out all sorts of evil supernatural creatures as they try to wreak havoc on the world. This first book sees them out to get an evil plastic surgeon who just happens to be funnelling his cash into a terrorist organisation that is determined to raise an evil creature who will consume the weakest souls on the planet before a select group of politicians and vampires step in to save the day. The book is light and fun and clearly Jaz and Vayl have a connection that is going down the predictable path of romance. They both have secret back stories, and we get a glimpse of Vaylís and most of Jazís, which certainly set the scene for the next book.

Another One Bites The DustBook Cover of Another One Bites The Dust by Jennifer Rardin

The second book, Another One Bites The Dust continues on about 3 months after the first. Again Jaz and Vayl have a new mission, to chase down a deranged Chinese Vampire who has stolen some high-tech mililtary equipment in a bid to transform himself into a dragon and take over the world. Along for the ride this time are Cole, the former PI that Jaz bumped into on the last mission, the pyschic seer Cassandra who can see the future with one touch and Miles Bergman, Jaz's former college roommate who created the military equipment that has been stolen. Heading to Texas to try and stop the Chinese vampire, Jaz is sidetracked by her dangerous sleepwalking and memories of her dead finace. Help from both her twin brother and Vayl get her back on track and of course they manage to save the day. Ramp up a bit more sexual tension between Jaz and Vayl and this is heading down the predictable path of will they/won't they/come on just do it already. The series is fun, with Jaz managing to pretty much kick arse wherever she goes with the help of Vayl and Bergman's crazy tech inventions. The books do have a lot going on though and sometimes this does bog them down, but they are a light escape into the supernatural world!

Biting the BulletBook Cover of Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin

Having said all that, the third book, Biting the Bullet was not quite as good. I am pretty sure I skimmed most of this, as there was just too much going on and to be honest at times it was boring. In the third installment, Jaz gets to pair up with her brother Dave's elite military team as they try to take down the Wizard, a mysterious entity hell bent on the world's destruction. What better place to do this than Iran where there is already enough oppression and fighting. To make matters worse, there appears to be a mole in Dave's unit who is leaking information on their plan back to the Wizard. Couple this with Jaz's complete inability to get over her past relationship and get it on with Vayl, Cole's sudden declaration of his love for her and of course the usual group of supernatural creatures trying to kill them all and to be honest, I just wasn't that interested. I wish she could just make up her mind, because she talks like she wants to, but then doesn't back it up with actions. Maybe I need a break from this series, because although the author has assured us Vayl and Jaz do in fact get it on, the road to this ending seems to be more painful than usual! Three down, 5 more to go.....

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