The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine HarrisBook Cover of The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris including Dead Reckoning (Book 11), Dead in the Family (Book 10), Dead and Gone (Book 9), From Dead to Worse (Book 8), All Together Dead (Book 7), Definitely Dead (Book 6), Dead as a Doornail (Book 5), Dead to the World (Book 4), Club Dead (Book 3), Living Dead in Dallas (Book 2), Dead Until Dark (Book 1)

Read by Natalie and Tracy 2009 - 2011

Natalie recommends it for people who like their Vampires with a bit more bite, although they are starting to lag... Tracy recommends for this for people with lots of time on their hands!

Well, I think itís official Ė Charlaine Harris should give up Sookie Stackhouse, let the wonder that is True Blood take its own course, and find something else to write about. Dead Reckoning is the 11th book in the series and my first comment after (finally) finishing it is that itís, well, just Dead Boring to be honest. After the fire-bombing of Merlotteís in the opening chapter, not a whole lot else happens until the very end and even thatís not very satisfying with a pile of loose ends which are inevitably going to lead into the next book. While Sookie learns a bit more about her Fae connection and her Grandmaís antics, to be honest, it didnít seem like anything new, I feel like we knew it all from the previous books or even the previous chapters of this book! Even the steam factor was low, with a single scene between Eric and Sookie finally appearing on page 186 (!) and lasting for only a couple of lines. The whole book instead was puffed out with Sookieís whinging, her over the top descriptions of her house and house guests and the state of her marriage to Eric, not to mention her repetitious Christian moralising of everything. God Sookie grow a set of balls and either (a) ask Eric what his problem is or (b) do something about it all. Even when she gets what she wants she complains about it. Plus there was hardly any Pam or Eric and letís be honest, they deliver some of the best lines of the whole book and too much of the stupidly ridiculous Bubba Ė come on!?. Honestly, I am going to struggle to continue reading these books and much prefer to tune into the TV show any day. Aside from the obvious eye candy, taking the focus off Sookie is also a huge bonus. Unfortunately I think Harris is sailing on the coat tails of the widely successful TV series and forgetting that she actually used to write great stories. This is 325 pages of such boring drivel itís enough to make me want to stake myself.

Overall, there are 11 books in this series and this is for those of us who generally like their Vampires with a little more bite! These Vamps have fangs, drink human blood, don't sparkle in the sunlight and even sleep in coffins or underground. The books tell the story of Sookie Stackhouse in the fictional town of Bon Temps Louisiana, which is full of Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, Fairies, and Demons galore. The story is fun and easy to read, although Harris does have a tendency to focus on a favourite character and then write them off when she gets sick of them. One constant is the 1000 year Nordic Vampire Eric, and trust me, for those of us who enjoy the TV series tie-in True Blood, you'll be glad she keeps him around! Having now read all 11 books in the series, I have to say, Harris is starting to really struggle (see comments above). The books are becoming more forced and the plot just plain boring and overly descriptive about random shit that none of us actually care about (who cares what nightshirt Sookie puts on for bed?). Not sure how many "wars" Sookie can go through, but Harris seems to think substituting one creature for another in these wars will make the story new and inventive. Even the steaminess is petering and I don't care what anyone says, but a 1000 year old Vampire who is Sherriff of Area 5 would never, ever wear his hair braided?! For me the books started to drop off around 6 or 7 (when Quinn departed) and I think Harris is cashing in on the success of the TV series, which is only getting better (yes Eric, you continue to get sexier with each episode). To keep reading, she's going to have to pull out something pretty special next time around.

Again I read this series based on Natalie's descriptions - luckily you don't have to engage your brain and I knocked off a book a day. It is totally unbelievable what Sookie gets up to and what people seem to ignore is going on - I only wish she could get over her vampire fetish and go for the shape-shifting bartender. I have only managed to see a couple of episodes of the TV series tie-in, but undoubtedly Natalie will wear me down and I will watch the rest under duress unless there is plenty of wine and chippies to help me get through it.

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