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Read by Natalie 2009 and Tracy 2009

Natalie recommends it for pure escapism purposes only. Tracy recommends if you have nothing, and I mean nothing else to read

It would be remiss to have this section and not include the Twilight saga. A worldwide phenomenon, it is definitely not a literary masterpiece, but has somehow sucked us all in, myself included. While Bella is quite possibly the most annoying character to ever grace the pages of a book and the Vampires don't even have fangs, somehow the star-crossed romance between an immortal 17 year old and a clumsy school girl and a possible love triangle with a werewolf works. Why, who knows? Whatever it is, don't think too hard about it, just pick them up, suspend reality and enjoy! If this is a little too hard, check out the movies instead, at least these seem to be getting better with each instalment. And for those of you who want more, check out stephenie Meyer's webpage where you'll find loads of cut scenes, extras and even the first 12 chapters of Twilight told from Edward's perspective....OMG! At Natalie's, I won't say nagging, but something close, insistence I read the Twilight Saga in a week, it is a strange series of books, obviously written for the teenage market with lots of angst and worrying about the most trivial factors - I can't get over the fact that vampires can go out in the day and don't have fangs. I also succumbed and finally watched the first movie 'Twilight' and cannot believe a movie was made seemingly based around Edwards's hair - there is no acting, just lots of long stares, bad make-up and delusional fantasy.

Click here to check out stephenie Meyers Book Club discussions questions. Here it is people, a 45 second teaser trailor for Breaking Dawn part 2. Due to be released in November 2012, fans will finally get a glimpse of Bella as a vampire...and it's safe to say she actually looks pretty good!

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