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A Good Year by Peter MayleBook Cover of A Good Year by Peter Mayle

Read by Tracy in 2007

Tracy recommends for the descriptive scenery to get you in the holiday mood

This was Mayle's fifth novel and it certainly is no A Year In Provence. It was very formulaic and predictable. It wasn't all bad though after all the scenery is fantastic, the idea of someone leaving you a house and vineyard in Provence sounds pretty good to me. The story is about Max who is suddenly made redundant and is at a crossroads in his life, when good fortune prevails and he is left a house and vineyard from his uncle. Max used to spend his childhood summers there and remembers an idealistic village lifestyle. Of course there are the usual challenges - a beautiful woman appears claiming to be his Uncle's long-lost daughter and a terrible vintage.

This book was made into a film released in 2006 which was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Russell Crowe and was soooooo boring. Check out A Good Year if you must.

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Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones & AnonymousBook Cover of Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones

Read by Natalie in 2007

Natalie recommends this as very interesting and funny

Similar to Air Babylon, this is set in a fictional hotel over a 24 hour time period and lets us in on all the secrets behind the hotel industry, particularly the luxury hotels. Here you will find all the secrets if the rich and famous, from the drug use, the wild sex, the affairs, the scams and most of all the stealing! Seems unless it's bolted down then it's free reign for the paying customer to take. Mind you, the staff aren't so innocent either and will do anything to snag a quick easy buck from the paying customers, and make them pay dearly if they don't get it. A wake up call for what staying in a hotel really means, this is a very funny read! This has also been made into a TV series in the UK.

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