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Inhaling the Mahatma by Christopher KremmerBook Cover of Inhaling the Mahatma by Christopher Kremmer

Read by Tracy in 2010

Tracy recommends for a great insight into India and its structure

Okay I love books written about India because I love India and think it is one of the most amazing places on earth. This book had me laughing out loud in parts. Kremmer for his part actually lived in Delhi for more than seven years, so has gained an understanding and appreciation of the country. He has immersed himself in India - so much so he actually plunged into the Ganges to cleanse himself. I doubt I would be so brave after seeing the river pollution in Varanasi. Kremmer travels with the Rahul Gandhi (son of Rajiv and Sonia) on his political campaign which in itself must have just been interesting - one thing about Indian political rallies is that they are deafening and vibrant. This book was a fantastic read about India and how it has managed to survive everything thrown at it. The bit about Gandhi's ashes was absolutely histerical.

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